La Noctambulle Reims - Best terraces in Reims
The Best Terraces of Reims
Place du Forum

As soon as a ray of sunshine comes up, the rémois (people from Reims) rush to one of the many terraces of the city, from Place d'Erlon to Place du Forum to the district of Boulingrin, it is very easy, and pleasant, in Reims to enjoy a nice setting while enjoying a good beer or a glass of champagne. Here is a selection of the most pleasant and popular terraces.


Whether it's Le Bistrot du Forum, Edgar or Le Général, these 3 establishments share the center of the Place du Forum, right next to the Cryptoportique, and offer you a great location to relax. In a musical atmosphere when it's concert day at Cryptoportique.

Le Bistrot du Forum, 6 place du Forum, 51100 Reims
Edgar, 4 place du Forum, 51100 Reims
Le Général, 50 place du Forum, 51100 Reims

place du Forum
place du Forum


At the intersection of two busy pedestrian streets, this pretty terrace is the ideal place to take in the excitement of Reims and admire the continuous ballet of passersby.

Le Gaulois, 2 place Drouet D'Erlon, 51100 Reims

Le Gaulois
Le Gaulois


Nestled in a large courtyard, right next to the Halles du Boulingrin, this terrace, where a wind of revisitedguinguette breathes, totally original and atypical, is the ideal spot to fill up with good mood and bubbles.

Le Clos, 25 rue du Temple, 51100 Reims

Le Clos
Le Clos


Want to enjoy a good drink, the sweetness of the sun and a breathtaking view of Notre-Dame-de-Reims at the same time? The forecourt of the Cathedral is obviously the place that meets all these criteria. Each bar has its own personality, but everyone will be satisfied

Au Bureau, 9 Place du Cardinal Luçon, 51100 Reims
Joseph, 16-18 Rue Tronsson Ducoudray, 51100 Reims
Le Parvis, 2 Rue Rockefeller, 51100 Reims

Au Bureau